Meet The Staff

Introducing Jean Medonic
Jean Medonic is our Volunteer Coordinator. Jean has volunteered as a receptionist for nearly two years and brings a solid background as a clinic coordinator at the South Carolina Dept. of Health and as corporate receptionist at AgReliant Genetics in Westfield.

Introducing Dr's Mike & Mary

This married couple of physicians brings many years of experience in hospital, ER and family care settings. Dr. Mike was instrumental in helping our Jackson Fire Territory receive their ALS Certification.

Introducing Jana Swanson
Jana is our Clinic Director and adult Nurse Practitioner. She has been an NP for 21 years, working in the St. Vincent ER and in three family practices or internal medicine offices. She was a HOPE volunteer for 2 1/2 years.

Introducing Mike Jenkins
Former Hamilton Heights High school teacher and resident of the community for over 45 years, Mike has dedicated himself as the CEO for HOPE.
Introducing Barbara Green

Barbara is our Office Manager. She has worked as an Office Manager for over eight years in a nursing home.